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Drum/percussion sampler plugin. Fast and easy for use...


Speedrum is an MPC style drum sampler.
Designed for easy startup and fast workflow, but with powerful features if you need them.
32 pads with essential effects, and with 8 sample layers per pad.
With the addition of a loop slicer.

Two layouts

16 pads layout A/B with view to all pad FX or 32 pads layout with one FX view at a time

  • Mpc style pads layout
  • Pads can be triggered by MIDI notes
  • Multi-pad editing, copy and swap, delete, drag and drop...
  • Multi-pad controls changing, including FX controls
  • Midi-learn for every pad, save/load trigger maps

Resizable GUI from 60% to 200% of default window size.

  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • Preferences for default behaviors
  • Supported Saving and Loading of drum kits
  • WAV, AIF, FLAC, MP3, OGG file format support
  • In VST, VST3 and AU plugin format
  • Written in native C++ code for high performance and low CPU usage
Main Pad controls

All essential controls for fast control: Mute, Solo, Volume, Pan, Pitch ...

  • All pads knobs parameters have midi-learn capability
  • Voice Mode: Retrigger or Poly
  • 8 "Cut" (choke) and "Cut By" groups, and Trigger pad
  • Every pad can be set to one of 16 available stereo outputs
  • 12 color to highlight a particular pad or a group
  • Humanization of Velocity, Pitch, Time and Pan
  • Volume and Pitch envelope for every pad
  • Easily control of send FXs
Essential FX

Four essential effects for further tuning a drum-pad

  • Multiple types of a distortion
  • Easy adjustable multimode filter
  • VCA type Compressor for percussive material
  • Transient shaper
  • Overall gain control and Hard clipper
  • In an "all or one" layout
Sample Layers

8 sample layers for each pad with dedicated editor

  • Every layer has essential controls plus Lowpass and Highpass filter
  • Time and pitch stretching
  • Multiple layers playing Mode
  • Rearrange layers with drag and drop
  • Layers multi-editing

Non-destructive editor, easily zoomable

  • Waveform view of loaded sample
  • Adjustable Start, End, Attack and Decay of sample
  • Arrow buttons to cycle through all samples in the current folder
  • Adjustable Velocity ranges in Velocity Mode
Loop Slicer

Slicing loops into individual drum hits

  • Add or delete slicer markers with easy
  • Drag and drop slices to populate pads or layers
  • Same zooming/navigation as on Layer waveform
  • Time and pitch stretching
Two slicing modes

Different algorithms for different results

  • Transients - with Threshold and Length controls
  • BPM - with Bpm and Divisions controls
Sends Master
Pad Sends

Two Send FX or Output channel

  • Delay Send FX
  • Reverb Send FX
  • Or send all pads outputs to specific Output channel

Dynamics for Master channel

  • VCA type Compressor for percussive material
  • Soft/Hard clipper
  • Output controls

Integrated sample and drumkit browser

  • With drag and drop sample loading
  • Sample or Drumkit info
  • 10 slots for favorite folders
  • Sample preview capability
  • Selectable output channel
  • Auto load selected sample

Frequently Asked Questions

Please take time to also read the Speedrum User Guide, which provide answers to most usage questions.
The support forum also contains many answers and tips.

What are the system requirements?
  • Host software / DAW - 64 bit
  • CPU Intel / AMD / Apple M1
  • Windows 7 or newer
  • MacOS 10.13 or newer
  • Linux Ubuntu 20 or newer (experimental, will probably work on other linux distributions as well)
What are the restrictions of the Demo version?

Demo version is fully functional with no time restrictions but loading the drumkit and reloading the plugin state is disabled.

Do I need internet to Activate plugin?

No! It is a simple unobtrusive offline activation. When you purchase a license in our online store your purchase will be processed by Paddle and you'll be sent an activation code by email. Then open the demo plug-in, enter your email and activation code when asked, and enjoy your fully-functional, licensed plug-in.

Can I use a license on multiple PCs?

You can use the personal license on all of your computers, and this includes mixed use on Windows/macOS/Linux computers, as long as only you use it.

Apple Silicon compatibility?

The installer will install universal binary that contain separately optimized code for Intel and Apple Silicon processors which will run natively on each platform.

Can I request a refund?

Speedrum can be freely downloaded and trialed/tested for an unlimited period of time to reassure that it is working properly on your computer(s) before acquiring a license. So all Speedrum sales are final, (the EULA contains descriptions of exceptions in special cases).

# fixed possible crash when importing invalid kit
# fixed possible losing sample paths in case of loading-saving state without opening gui when there are missing samples
# fixed Geist kit loading with relative sample paths
# fixed hiding cursor on velocity slider
# fixed freezing of vu meters

# fixed browser file filtering
# fixed filter mode when copying pads

# fixed sample paths when resaving kit multiple times with samples
# fixed ignoring snap with alt/option key modifier on konbs

+ [Drumkit] new loading system (background)
+ [Drumkit] new search for missing samples system
+ new info/alert system
+ [MIDI] cc learn for layer editor start/end sliders
+ [MIDI] cc learn for parameter toggle buttons (mute, solo, section...)
+ [MIDI] cc learn for some action buttons (prev/next/random, slice...)
+ [Preferences] option to show output channel on the pad
# improved cut, copy, paste with keyboard shortcuts
# improved import/export pad
# fixed "respect velocity" behavior on round-robin and random modes
# fixed switching the layer editor view (clicking on the layer button) while layer is being processed
# fixed browser focus on opening
# fixed move/copy layer behavior
# fixed layer mute button behavior
# fixed possible misbehavior with layer button drag&drop
# fixed minor gui problems + small optimizations
# [macos] new minimum 10.11 (from 10.9)

# fixed crash on certain actions immediately after loading the kit

+ SpeedrumBeat drumkit import
# removed awsd keyboard shortcuts for pads
# fixed cut, copy, paste keyboard shortcuts for pads
# fixed retaining the layer envelope state while changing the sample via prev/next button + alt/option key
# fixed browser button behavior in some cases
# fixed controls color on copy/paste
# fixed copied stretched layer has wrong start/end values
# [windows] fixed win7 compatibility
# dsp optimizations

+ [Setup] midi cc map list, with deletion of individual ones
# fixed MIDI mapping behavior of Layer knobs
# fixed the possibility that midi unlearn cannot be done in rare cases
# fixed possible crash when Layer is in background processing (like stretching)
# fixed crash when changing parameter during pad multi selection
# [linux] fixed the gui not opening in rare cases

# improved pad animation to better reflect the playing/processing state
# [linux] reduced plugin file size
# [linux] fixed crash if both vst and vst3 versions are loaded
# fixed playhead behavior when host is in play state
# fixed possible crash when copying a pad (drag and drop) while holding the ctrl/command key
# fixed window resizing behavior
# fixed waveform update

+ possibility to delete Pads midi map
# fixed setting default Pads midi map
# fixed all pads are set to midi note 0 on load state
# fixed behavior of saving drumkit with samples
# fixed possible crash when menu is open

+ [Preferences] playhead position options (hidden, on ruler, on waveform)
+ [Waveform] the preview volume corresponds to the position of the mouse pointer (as on a Pad)
# numerous gui optimizations
# fixed pad rendering behavior
# fixed playhead behavior for different sample samplerate
# fixed Browser autoplay state not being remembered

+ [Slicer] sync slicing bpm to free/host/stretch bpm
+ knob value editor directly on the context menu
# fixed manual value entry for the knob
# fixed individual outputs not working on VST3 in some hosts
# fixed Sends output mode

+ [Ruler] playhead (as moving line)
# fixed Layer duplication from the menu
# fixed Layer volume set to -inf when loading v3 or older kit
# fixed behavior of sends outputs on GUI reopening
# fixed possible crash when autoloading from Browser in Slicer

# fixed Slice button coloring behavior
# fixed stretching of the sliced layer
# fixed Slicer behavior when autoplay is off
# fixed dropping slice from Slicer to Pad and moving sliced layer
# fixed SFZ importer not importing maximum (32) number of samples

+ [Layer] time/pitch stretching
+ [Layer] beats marker on waveform editor
+ [Layer] reverse/normalize/channels as gui controls
+ [Layer] trimming (multiple slicing) (if not stretch/reverse)
+ [Slicer] time/pitch stretching
+ [Slicer] updated gui controls for faster parameter changing
+ [Slicer] autoplay toggle
+ [Pad] import/export
+ [Pad] locking the pad also effect reset/delete and New DrumKit
+ [Drumkit] new Save As dialog with info and cover import
+ [Drumkit] the possibility of saving the Pads Midi Map and auto loading in the map menu
+ [Drumkit] Geist2 drumkit basic import
+ [Drumkit] SFZ drumkit basic import
+ [Preferences] option to set SaveKit button action
+ [Preferences] option to import SFZ group as layers
+ global volume knob
+ changing velocity values on all selected layers at once
# [Drumkit] Poise drum kit import improved
# [Layer] Slice mode changed to trimming (multiple slicing)
# improved speed of move/copy for pad/layer/slice
# velocity to pitch parameter expanded to bidirectional
# velocity to filter cut parameter expanded to bidirectional
# fixed possible crash if loading pad with more than 8 layers
# fixed crash when rapidly switching next/previous sample while playing
# fixed crash/distortion in FL Studio when changing layer controls while playing
# fixed exclusive random layers play mode behavior when there is only one layer
# fixed PlayMode parameter not applied after loading the kit
# fixed adding sounds after pad reset behavior
# fixed sample rate distortion behavior
# fixed display of target pads for alt modifier key
# fixed pitch env label on resize
# fixed SaveKit button not enabled after reopening gui

+ [Browser] toggle to autoload selected sample to active editor (like with Enter key)
# [Browser] fixed preview volume behavior for first preview after opening
# improved saving/loading of plugin state
# fixed not saving state in rare cases
# fixed loading saved state if the plugin was bypassed/disabled in the host
# dsp optimizations

+ Sends/Master tab
+ [Sends] Delay
+ [Sends] Reverb
+ [Sends] Direct output channel
+ [Master] Compressor
+ [Master] Clipper/Volume/Pan + meter
+ [Pad] Sends + Output section
+ [Pad] output volume (post FX)
+ [MIDI] new cc learn system for knobs (replacing the old one) - base on selected pad/layer
+ [MIDI] cc learn for layer knobs
+ [MIDI] cc messages can be received as absolute or relative
+ [Layers] respecting velocity ranges in all play modes ("V" button)
+ [Layers] new play mode - Random Exclusive (does not repeat the last)
+ [Layers] button to reset Round-Robins on all pads
+ [Browser] recognition of volumes (drives) without labels
+ [Knobs] option to hide mouse cursor on knobs (Preferences)
+ [Knobs] ability to enter values via the knob menu
+ [Knobs] touching a knob on a disabled section will enable that section
+ [Knobs] fine adjustment for the mouse wheel with shift key modifier
# [Layers] removed Velocity play mode (due to option to use it in all modes)
# [Drumkit] updated to v4 (breaking old automation from host!) with numerous changes/addons
# volume values changed to be in decibels
# fixed Pan knob behavior
# fixed copying pad with keyboard shortcuts
# fixed mute/solo state of layers when moving/copying layers/pads
# fixed velocity sliders visibility on UI reopening
# fixed Round-Robin play mode to start from the first layer
# [MacOS] fixed installation for 10.11 and older systems
# some dsp optimizations
# fixed some gui inconsistency
# fixed some licensing problems

# fixed random freeze when changing sample while playing
# improved saving state with AU format on some hosts
# [Linux] fixed rare crash when opening plugin GUI

# fixed changing the sample causes the inability to control the layer
# fixed pad triggered from other pad does not respect layer play mode
# fixed Trigger from the right-click pad menu showing only 16 pads

+ "Split (rise)" in Velocity editor menu
# improved Layer Play Mode system
# fixed split velocities sometimes didn’t work well
# fixed behavior of Round Robin and Random in Layer Play Mode
# fixed Layer Play Mode when pad is in Poly mode
# fixed possible crash when changing sample while pad is in Poly mode
# [Linux] fixed inability to change menu item

+ [Pads] export render to file (with maximum velocity, ignore Humanization)
+ [Pads] the ability to replace Layers with rendered sample after exporting the render
+ [Pads] select multiple with mouse right-button drag, add to selection holding Ctrl/Command while dragging
+ [Pads] reset the Pad(s) with the middle-click
+ updated Pad main controls panel, added PlayMode and draggable waveform-button
+ [Windows, MacOS] drag waveform-button to export rendering to other Pad or outside Speedrum (DAW or folder)
+ [Linux] drag waveform-button to export rendering to other Pad
+ [Layer] Mute and Solo for Layers
+ [Layer] Shift + left/right click on a Layer button to Mute/Solo Layer(s) (same behavior as on Pads)
+ [Layer] Ctrl/Command + right-click on any layer button will select all layers
+ [Layer] delete the Layer(s) with the middle-clcik
+ [Layer] indicators when the mouse is over S/E and A/D, for better visibility of what is active
+ [Layer] move selection S/E left right with Alt/Option + drag
+ [Layer] holding Alt/Option while prev/next/rand in a folder will try to preserve S/E/A/D state
+ [Layer] render to file (ignore Pad params), with the option to reload rendered afterwards
+ [Setup] midi note number on the pad trigger button
+ [Setup] right-click on a trigger button to enter midi note number manually to all selected
+ [Setup] option to specify a project folder, used when drag&drop rendering to DAW (overrides Preferences)
+ [Preferences] option to specify default folder for intermediate files when drag&drop rendering to DAW or Pad/Layer
# left-click (without Ctrl/Command) on the Pad/Layer will remove Pads/Layers multi-selection
# updated info for S/E and A/D
# small dsp optimizations
# fixed right-arrow key behavior on folders in Browser
# fixed applying command from Pad's menu to multi-selection
# fixed Alt/Option + drag copying selected Layers to another Pad
# fixed crash when duplicating Layers with all slots already populated
# fixed crash when loading a corrupted drum-kit

+ saving pad state even without layers to the drumkit for easily creating templates
+ more shortcuts for setting the number of output channels (main menu)
+ [Layer] envelope Attack/Decay states remain when toggle Slice
# more info for browser bottom controls
# fixed crash when clicking on empty Slicer after opening menu
# fixed distortion at the end of the slice in some cases

+ stop all sound button
+ [Browser] Enter key will load selected drumkit
+ [Browser] Enter key will load sample/loop in visible tab (LAYERS or SLICER)
# [Browser] RightArrow key will preview selected sample/loop
# fixed showing that kit is changed after kit loading
# fixed Preferences panel blocks access to controls when open
# fixed Layer pitch behavior when Tiny Auto Fade is off
# fixed saving imported kits

+ SLICER for slicing loops into individual drum hits, with Transients and BPM modes
+ [Layer] Slice mode (slice from selection)
+ [Layer] Export Slice as new wav sample file (optional reload)
+ [Layer] preview with click on a selected area
+ [Layer] channel mode for stereo samples - mono, left, right
+ [Layer] normalization - 0dB, -3dB, -6dB
+ [Layer] offset knob set to nonlinear and resolution to 0.01ms for fine-tuning
+ [Layer] double-click on a sample/loop name will open Browser and select that file
+ [Layer] autoplay on sample file change (prev/next/random)
+ [Layer] zoom to selected area with Alt/Option + double-click on a ruler
+ [Preferences] default pad color
+ [Preferences] Layer S/E Auto fade (default)
+ [Preferences] Midi number option on Show on Pads
+ [velocity editor] Invert
+ [velocity editor] Remove overlaps
+ [Browser] preview panel Auto switch
+ [Browser] preview audio channel
+ Size button for easier resizing
# [Layer] mouse click modifier to delete the layer, changed from Shift to Alt/Option
# improved overall stability
# improved saving drumkits with samples in case of different samples with same file names
# Preferences panel reorganized
# improved Browser drag&drop behavior
# improved Pads and Layers drag&drop behavior
# updated Pads drag&drop graphic
# layer velocity, phase and offset will no longer reset when replacing the sample
# removed pads humanization for layer preview
# improved drumkit change detection
# the activation window (demo) will only be displayed on the new instance
# fixed crash when reloading a kit with all pads having samples
# fixed Release knob state on Play Mode change
# fixed restore state for pad active layer number
# fixed pads multi-editing for VoiceMode, Trigger, Cut, CutBy
# fixed Layers multi-editing
# fixed maximum number of files that can be dropped on pads at once
# fixed color repaint to controls on reset pad
# fixed color repaint on Setup with multi-selection
# fixed knobs behavior when mouse buttons are swapped
# fixed setting of active layer if files are missing when loading drumkit
# fixed cut off layer preview when the pad play start
# [Linux] fixed saving drumkit with the file extension

+ [Preferences] toggle for play pad on click
+ [Preferences] toggle for preview layer on click
# improved pads drag&drop (probably fixed crash on Linux)
# improved search for missing sample files
# changed mod key for mute/solo (+ click on Pad) to Shift
# fixed layers multi-selection behavior after swap
# fixed pad name not refreshed after prev/next/random
# [Linux] - fixed not using .config folder for some settings files
# [MacOS/Linux] - fixed sample files in active folder not alphabetically sorted for prev/next

+ "Note On" PlayMode, PlayMode can be changed from pad's right-click menu
+ Release knob for pad's Volume envelope, enabled in "Note On" PlayMode
+ save kit button, enabled if kit was changed
+ alt/option + left (right) click on a Pad will mute (solo) selected pads
+ option to open sample file in the external audio editor
+ button to reload sample file
+ button to load random sample file from current folder
# improved moving/adding the layer(s)
# fixed gui colors if multiple instances of a plugin was loaded

+ ctrl/command + click on a layout button ( A / B / AB ) selects all pads from that layout
+ MIDI-IN LED indicator in the header
# improved multi-selection copy/swap
# improved Speedrum Lite drum kit import
# improved Poise drum kit import
# fixed "Select Pad With MIDI Note" behavior

+ delete layer(s) with shift + click on a layer button (number)
# improved layer sample audio preview
# fixed cutting the pads with different layer modes

+ DEMO indication
# fixed random crash during layer operations
# minor gui improvements

# fixed some licensing issues

# fixed crash on pad drag&drop for certain layer play modes
# fixed ring mod behaviour

initial version