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Drum/percussion sampler and sequencer plugin. Fast and easy for use...


Speedrum is a sample-based MPC style virtual drum machine with dedicated step-sequencer.
Designed for easy startup and fast workflow, but with powerful features if you need them.
64 pads with essential effects, and with 16 sample layers per pad.
With the addition of a loop slicer.

Two layouts

16 pads layout A/B/C/D with view to all pad FX or 32 pads layout AB/CD with one FX view at a time

  • Mpc style pads layout
  • Pads can be triggered by MIDI notes
  • Multi-pad editing, copy and swap, delete, drag and drop...
  • Multi-pad controls changing, including FX controls
  • Midi-learn for every pad, save/load trigger maps

Resizable GUI from 50% to 200% of default window size.

  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • Preferences for default behaviors
  • Supported Saving and Loading of drum kits
  • Import of various non-native drum kit formats
  • WAV, AIF, FLAC, MP3, OGG file format support
  • In VST, VST3 and AU plugin format
  • Written in native C++ code for high performance and low CPU usage
Main Pad controls

All essential controls for fast control: Mute, Solo, Volume, Pan, Pitch ...

  • Knobs have midi-learn capability
  • Voice Mode: Retrigger or Poly
  • 8 "Cut" (choke) and "Cut By" groups, and Trigger pad
  • Output Pad to internal buses or 16 available stereo outputs
  • Coloring pads to highlight a particular pad or a group
  • Humanization of Velocity, Pitch, Time and Pan
  • Volume and Filter envelope for every pad
  • Easily control of send FXs
Essential FX

Four essential effects for further tuning a drum-pad

  • Multiple types of a distortion
  • Easy adjustable multimode filter
  • VCA type Compressor for percussive material
  • Transient shaper
  • Overall gain control and Hard clipper
  • In an "all or one" layout
Sample Layers

16 sample layers for each pad with dedicated editor

  • Every layer has essential controls plus Lowpass and Highpass filter
  • Time and pitch stretching
  • Multiple layers playing Mode
  • Rearrange layers with drag and drop
  • Layers multi-editing
  • Layers Mixer

Non-destructive editor, easily zoomable

  • Waveform view of loaded sample
  • Adjustable Start and End of a sample
  • MSEG Volume envelope editor
  • Arrow buttons to cycle through all samples in the current folder
  • Adjustable Velocity ranges in Velocity Mode
Pad Sequence View

Sequencer view of only selected pad

  • Add or delete notes with easy
  • Velocity, probability, repeats and offset note graph
  • Modulate pan, pitch and filter cut with note graph

Different types of Humanization

  • Shuffle (swing or syncopation)
  • Humanization of note velocity and position
  • Various randomizations
Sends Master
Pads Mixer

Mix all 64 pads in one place

  • Wide and narrow view
  • Essential controls
  • Simple visual meters
  • Synhronization with pads view
Buses Mixer

Mix Buses and Master

  • Send Bus output to Master or Direct output
  • Volume and Pan controls
  • Simple visual meters
Loop Slicer

Slicing loops into individual drum hits

  • Add or delete slicer markers with easy
  • Drag and drop slices to populate pads or layers
  • Different modes to pads or layers with one click
  • Same zooming/navigation as on Layer editor
  • Time stretching
Two slicing modes

Different algorithms for different results

  • Transients - with Threshold and Length controls
  • BPM - with Bpm and Divisions controls
  • Selectable output channel
  • Attack/decay for slices, transferred to layers
Sends Master
Pad Sends

Two Send FX or Output channel

  • Delay Send FX
  • Reverb Send FX
  • Or send all pads outputs to specific Output channel
Buses / Master

FX for Buses / Master channel

  • Multiple types of a distortion
  • Easy adjustable multimode filter
  • VCA type Compressor for percussive material
  • Transient shaper
  • Overall gain control and Hard clipper

Dedicated note sequencing

  • 16 patterns wit 64 tracks
  • Pattern 16/32/64 steps
  • 16/32 view layouts
  • Speed modifier
  • Several types of humanization
  • Drag and drop export to midi
  • Record input midi
  • Host or manual tempo

Integrated sample and drumkit browser

  • With drag and drop sample loading
  • Sample or Drumkit info
  • Unlimited color favorite folders
  • Sample preview capability
  • Selectable output channel
  • Auto load selected sample
  • Direct slicing to pads/layers

# improved eq parameters smoothing
# improved mute/unmute smoothing
# [Linux] fixed mouse interaction on pattern button
# fixed display of keyboard/mouse tip for seq row
# fixed ignoring default kit/sample folder from Preferences in some cases

+ [Sequencer] 16/32 rows layout (synced with pads view)
+ [Sequencer] independent number of steps for each pattern
+ [Sequencer] adding samples directly on row name (same rules as on Pad)
+ [Sequencer] row polymeter
+ [Sequencer] per-step modulation for Pan, Pitch and FilterCut
+ [Sequencer] pattern button context menu (name + actions)
+ [Sequencer] renaming patterns (through the context menu)
+ [Sequencer] Alter action for seq row/pattern
+ [Sequencer] mirror note editing
+ [Sequencer] holding Shift while editing Velocities in the seq row editor allows editing of notes that Off
+ [Sequencer] increase/decrease/reset buttons in the seq row editor
+ [Sequencer] loading pattern file from external browser with drag&drop
+ [Sequencer] number of layers (after the row/pad name)
+ [Sequencer] shift notes up/down action
+ [Sequencer] Bar multiplication action (row menu)
+ [Sequencer] Pad reset (row menu)
+ [Sequencer] volume, pan and color of active row (Pad) on Sequencer page
+ [Sequencer] Shuffle to Pattern MIDI export
+ [Sequencer] mute sequencer output with midi note 11 (noteOn = mute)
+ [Sequencer] presets for some common note patterns (row menu and "PR" button)
+ [Slicer] Thru mode when populating pads
+ [Slicer] setting transients to zero-crossings (or as close as possible)
+ [Slicer] global attack/decay for slices, transferred to layer
+ [Pads] auto-slice when drag&drop a loop from the browser or externally holding Ctrl/Command, respecting Slicer state
+ [Layer] auto remove layer MSEG overlapping segment nodes
+ [Layer] prev/next buttons for active layer with midi cc learn capability
+ [Layer] if it is Slice, on Reload action slice range became start/end range
+ [Layer] when created with Slicer, temporarily Slice can be changed (prev/next buttons)
+ [EQ] smoothing of EQ parameters
+ [Preference] default samples/kits folder
+ [Preference] Browser default tab
+ [Browser] different ways of populating pads/layers (through the file context menu)
+ [Browser] populating pads (through the folder context menu)
+ [Browser] loop auto-slice to pads through the sample file menu, respecting Slicer state
+ [Browser] renaming favorites (through the context menu)
+ mute is also applied to the midi output of the muted row/pad
+ midi learn to more gui controls
+ changing pads layout while drag&drop when cursor is over the layout button
+ changing bottom tabs in Pad view while drag&drop when cursor is over the tab button
+ display of host tempo when in sync
# pads layout follow active pad
# Slicer pads filling mode "To All" changed to "From Active"
# Slicer transient detection slightly improved
# Browser stopping file preview on loading
# fixed midi select pad on play when sync is off
# fixed sequencer play when sync is off
# fixed Slicer prev file button midi learn
# fixed vu-meter reading
# fixed saving pattern and searching missing samples not using last used folder
# fixed remembering Browser active tab
# fixed Browser file selection when changing folders
# fixed Browser file list focus on changing favorite folder

+ active pattern remembered in host state
# fixed pad rendering crash when compressor is on
# fixed sequencer loop play on x2/x4 speeds
# fixed browser right arrow key on folders
# fixed browser focus on opening
# fixed layer multiedit pitch env toggle

+ [Slicer] a button to quickly add slices to pads, along with mode
+ [Preferences] choice to display the pattern in the host's pianoroll
# improved behavior with a large number of short notes
# improved behavior when the host is looping
# improved mouse editing of mseg layer node
# fixed deletion of pattern with mouse middle click
# fixed browser favorite rows overlapping
# fixed loss of kitinfo when quick saving kit changes
# fixed saving some imported kits
# fixed loading/saving of kits that were created on a different system
# fixed the last used path when saving the kit

What's new compared to v1:
+ 64 Pads with 16 Layers
+ Pads and Layers Mixer
+ Pad EQ and Filter envelope
+ Layer MSEG Volume envelope
+ Buses system with Mixer and Bus FX
+ Note Sequencer with patterns, randomization, recording...
+ New Browser with unlimited favorites, file filter...
+ huge number of smaller additions and improvements